Watching history unravel … er … unfold

Today’s House Intelligence Committee hearing with National Intelligence Director Joseph Maguire plays out. Photo by Colin M. Stewart.


It is my second wedding anniversary. My wife sits facing me on the left side of the couch in her funky blue bathrobe that I think looks like a dead rat dyed blue. She loves it. It’s very furry and warm and protects her from the air conditioning I insist we keep at 72 degrees — I argue it’s the universal standard and keeping it there is for her own good so she can acclimate and not feel cold every time she goes into a public building. She remains skeptical of my reasoning.

Her little legs stretch across the center of the couch, toes tickling my left thigh, as she clicks away on her laptop, telecommuting to her downtown office.

I have taken the day off from work so we can go out to dinner tonight and celebrate entering the third (THIRD?! ALREADY?) year of our marriage.

I sit sipping coffee, watching the television as National Intelligence Director Joseph Maguire testifies before the House Intelligence Committee regarding allegations that our president tried to strong arm Ukraine into casting suspicion on his potential opponent in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Trump’s scandal du jour appears to be one of the more potentially damaging scandals of this presidency.

Where will this all lead, and how will it impact our lives?

I am now the proud owner of lucha libre socks. They are fantastic, and I only had to stay married for two years to earn them.
Photo by Colin M. Stewart.

Hannah gave me several pairs of socks this morning for my anniversary gift. Among them is a pair adorned with multi-colored lucha libre Mexican wrestler masks. I feel confident these will put me over the top in the ever-escalating colorful-sock arms race (foot race?) between myself and another editor at the TFP.

I, meanwhile, bestowed upon my beautiful bride a fluffy red fleece jacket in a remarkably transparent attempt to supplant the blue rat robe. She wore the new fleece on a sunrise stroll along the Tennessee Riverwalk, but as soon as we returned to the house, the blue terror went right back on. Maybe next year …

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s eyes are scary, Hannah ejaculates, peering from behind her laptop screen.

She’s right. He’s fairly intense. Maguire is not answering his questions and Schiff is losing patience.

Republicans thank Maguire for his long years of exemplary service and his cooperation with today’s hearing. Democrats do the same. Then they rake him over the coals.

I have no idea how any of this will end, but something tells me the two sides won’t be any closer when it’s all said and done.

One thing I do know: My feet will look good.

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